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Yellow Stone, based out of Madurai, India, We are the leading granite exporter in india. And we export the granite to across the globe through cargo ship. Yellow Stone is your one stop shop for imported granite. Always focused on quality and customer satisfaction, we at Yellow Stone believe in providing the customer with the best possible product at the most reasonable price. A journey of 2 decades and 2 generation have brought us to YELLOW STONE, where with rich expertise and background, we can assure you of the choicest imported granite at most competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow unlimitedly as one of the best manufacturer firm for the construction industry by supplying the highest quality of natural granite in India. Simultaneous to maintaining excellent quality for the products, we also aim to maintain high safety standards to keep our processes environment-friendly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow and let our customers flourish. We have visualized to achieve our objectives by discovering the rich natural treasure hidden in the mines and make it accessible to the world of construction and architecture. Yellow Stone fulfills its vision of growing and succeeding by following its principles strictly without any compromise.

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